Allergy Treatment

Millions Across the Country have Allergies

Over 50 million people in the United States suffer from allergy conditions. These allergies range from a minor detractor to your quality of life to being virtually disabling. Many have virtually given up because they cannot find a treatment that works. The first step to an effective allergy treatment is finding out what us causing your allergies.

Due to the modern technology used by the Board Certified Physicians in our office, allergy tests are now more convenient than ever before. In the hands of our trained specialists it has become easier to identify the specific things in your environment that trigger your allergic response and then effectively treat your allergies.

Common Allergens

Common allergens include such things as plant pollens, molds, dust mites, animal dander, insect stings and various foods such as peanuts, eggs, wheat, shellfish and milk. Testing also is available for allergic reactions to medications.

Diagnosis and Allergy Treatment Plans

There are many factors involved in an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Specialized training allows our office to:

  • Perform state-of-the art allergy testing
  • Identify the source of your allergy
  • Accurately diagnose your condition
  • Provide Allergy Treatment that addresses more than just your symptoms

We develop a personalized plan to eliminate or vastly improve your symptoms by providing you with the most cost-effective care that gives you an optimum outcome. Often we can identify and totally eliminate the allergic response pathways that plague you. It is like retraining the way your body responds to an allergen.

Cold Laser Treatment

Other than removing the cause of the allergy from the environment, or reducing contact once it is identified,

Patient Treatment by Laser Therapy
Patient Treatment by Painlesss Laser Therapy

treatments might include allergy shots, sublingual drops or technique using laser acupuncture that is performed in our office. Read more about the amazing laser acupuncture procedure.

So wouldn’t it be great to feel well, stay active during the day, and rest at night?

Call our office today to start the simple steps to identify and control your allergies.